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Writing Competitions

Writing competitions are a great way to get writing and try to do better than you have ever done before. It has another bonus, too, if you want to get published – publishers love people who have already been judged as the best (you first have to win the competition).

I was hoping to make a list of writing competitions for young people in Australia to enter, except… gasp! I cannot find many for people under 18 🙁

Here are the competitions I have found so far:

Moreland Short Story Writing Competition (annual)

For people living in the Moreland are of Melbourne. The prizes are book vouchers, and any age can enter. The subject in different every year. Free entry.

Official link: https://www.moreland.vic.gov.au/libraries/children/short-storywriting-competition/

Entry closes 2019: Unknown

The Hope Prize Short Story Writing Competition

This has not been updated for a while, although it claims to be annual. It is by the Brotherhood of St. Laurence. You are required to write about poverty and disadvantage. Free entry. Prizes are unknown.

Official link: https://www.bsl.org.au/events/the-hope-prize/

Entry closes 2019: Unknown


Sutherland Shire Environment Center Award 2019: Writing for the Environment

This is a writing competition held by the University of Wollongong. The 2019 subject to write is “Write to Change the World” – fiction and non-fiction writing pieces by young people under 25 years. I believe you are meant to write about a sustainable world or how humans impact our environment or something similar. I am interested in entering, so I will email them and ask for more information, then publish it on here. Free entry. Prize is $1000 (Yes, $1K!!!)

Official link: N/a. Here is a link to the University site: https://www.uow.edu.au/index.html

Submit your entry to Phil Smith by email: phil@ssec.org.au

Entry closes 2019: June 5 2019

If you have found any more, please, comment them and a link to a website with more information!

I encourage people to join short story competitions, even if they don’t win. It is great practice for writing and might unveil your true potential as a writer, as well as being soooo much fun!

Last edited: 14/01/2019

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Hi there cyrylka I'm Gail from the Dog's Advisory Board and I was doing some searching about writing competitions to look for some more to enter, and I found one thats not on your list that is open for primary to high school students from all across Australia! Its run by the Boroondara Council in Melbourne and you can win money in both a short story and a poetry section. Entry closes Friday the 30th of August and heres the link :)
I hope this helps to get more people interested in writing

8th Jul, 19